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About us

About Us

Hello Friends,

My Name is Abdullah Naeem and this www.myetechworld.com is mine in which 
I share you the information about internet, android, youtube, Adsense, earn money, 
latest tech, new gadget, tech news, Rom flash etc this blog is made to teach something new.
Also, I have a Youtube channel called Universal treatment, Where I put all the videos related to Technology, there you will also find videos on the same topic if you want to learn more well by videos you can visit my youtube channel by clicking on universal treatment. If you have any Question or Any Suggestion you can mail us on techworldblog786@gmail.com I definitely reply you in 24 hours. I’ll try to give my best to you on this blog...

About us:- 

Name- Abdullah Naeem
City- Multan
State- Punjab Pakistan
Postal code- 60000
contact:- techworldblog786@gmail.com
Web Link: www.etechworld.com
Youtube channel- Click here to redirect

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