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Mahira Khan would marry Ayeza Khan If She Could: Is Mahira promoting LGBTQ

Pakistani actors changing the face of Lollywood and TV industry. Pakistani industry is going to promote same sex? Pakistani actresses talking about their feelings about bisexual. Now Mahira Khan doesn’t need any introduction. But so does Ayeza Khan. Both of them are immensely talented and amazing actresses. While Mahira has represented Pakistan on an international scale, Ayeza has won hearts domestically, pulling crowds to the cinemas, with merely her dramas.

Although Ayeza and Mahira haven’t really worked together in any project, it seems Mahira is a fan of Ayeza. In a recent live interview where Mahira praised Sajal Aly, Mahira also mentioned that she found Ayeza extremely pretty and that had she not been married with Danish Taimoor, she would have married her.

How the bad way Mahira is expressing her likeness for Ayeza without any bias in her heart. Is she is showing that, she is lesbian? or either she is kidding her?

We absolutely love and appreciate how our actresses have gone above the professional rivalry and now openly talk about each other, lifting each other up and lending appreciation wand credit where its due.

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