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Top 10 Most Famous TikTok Stars of 2020 | Most Popular Pakistani TikTokers of the Year

We have new and interesting ways of entertainment that brighten up our day to a great extent. Rise of TikTok can be seen throughout the world.

One of the most famous apps TikTok which is used for entertainment purpose has exceeded the number of downloads up to 500 million.

Throughout the world, TikTok is pretty famous and similarly, it is booming in Pakistan. The number of users are increasing day by day.
The people who share their videos on TikTok are becoming stars and celebrities and they have a huge fan following.

Here are the top 10 most famous TikTokers:

1) Jannat Mirza:
The top-most followed TikTok star is Jannat Mirza who has 6.0 million followers with 87.7 million likes on her TikTok account.

2) Zulqarnain Sikandar:
He has earned 5.3 million followers with 270 million likes on his TikTok videos, making him one of the topmost followed TikTok star.

3) Malik Usman:
The famous disco Maulvi who is breaking stereotypes by entertaining people through his TikTok videos has 5.0 million followers and 164.2 million likes on his TikTok account.

4) Kanwal Aly:
She is entertaining people with her TikTok videos and has earned 4.7 million followers with 83.6 million likes on her TikTok videos.

5) Areeka Haq:
Areeka Haq is one of the most famous TikToker who has achieved success through her videos. She has 4.5 million followers with 109.5 million likes on her TikTok videos.

6) Alishbah Anjum:
Among the famous TikTokers, we also have Alishbah Anjum in our list. Through her TikTok videos, she has garnered 4.5 million followers with 76.3 million likes.

7) Sehar Hayyat:
She has around 4.3 million followers along with 93.9 million likes on her TikTok videos.

8) Nausheen Syed:
In the most popular TikToker’s list, Nausheen Syed has made her place. With 4.1 million followers and 92.4 million likes, she has earned fame and popularity among masses.

9) Ali Fayyaz:
Well, one of the most popular TikTok star Ali Fayyaz has 3.5 million followers and 107.5 million likes on his TikTok videos.

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10) Pinky Francis:
Pinky Francis has earned 2.8 million followers and 40.8 million likes on her TikTok videos.

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