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Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner dating conditions for each other

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s love story began back in 2016 after they were introduced by a mutual friend, and ever since then the couple’s romance has left fans in awe. However, that is not to say dating came easily to them. Both Sophie and Joe had special conditions for agreeing to date each other.

During an interview with James Corden on his show, Joe Jonas revealed the special condition he had to fulfill in order to potentially date Sophie Turner.

Joe admitted that Sophie told him, "Look, if we’re going to get married — and it was actually, If you’re going to date me, you have to watch the Harry Potters.” He also went on to state, "every Christmas, for those of you that are watching that, don’t know, every Christmas in the U.K. they just stream and play Harry Potter, all of them. So I watched them all, I fell in love with it."

After he fulfilled Sophie’s condition, Joe revealed that he put up one of his own as well, "I was like, ‘Well, look, my rule is that you have to watch Lord of the Rings.’ So we’ve been binge-watching Lord of the Rings during this time and building the Legos that go with the movies, which is quite fun.”

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